Our aims for the future:

The hedgehog has been around for more than 15 million years.  Now they are among the 1149 species that have  been identified as being under threat and in need of help to survive. In England as a whole, numbers have declined by over 20% in four years.  The hedgehog has taken such a hit in population size recently that if current trends continue it would lead to its extinction by 2025.  With this in mind, the Charity has set itself an aim for the future.

Our current facilities provide us with a firm foundation upon which we can build and move forward in the field of wildlife care. However,  we have limited space with no more room left to expand.  There are many times when we are overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of casualties that need our help. Every single one needs a chance of proper care and rehabilitation to enable it to make a full recovery and to be returned to the wild.  Our dream for the future is to be able to purchase land / property to build and equip a wildlife hospital together with an educational centre for the Lancashire area. It would be such a tragedy if we were to lose this very vulnerable and endearing little animal which is crying out for help,  so please – help us to help them.