Denzil. Rescued after being found wandering by the side of a busy road in the daytime. An Autumn juvenile, severely underweight and also suffering from mites. After receiving treatment, he remained in our care over winter and has now been released back into the wild.

Thornton. A baby found alone in a local graveyard with a broken leg. He had to have the leg removed and weighing only 100gms is the smallest hedgehog we have had to date that has survived this operation. He is coping very well with his disability and has now been rehomed into a secure garden.



Becky. Rescued out of a hole on a building site. She is a champagne blonde albino hedgehog and is quite rare. Becky cannot be released back into the wild because her colouring would leave her open to attack from night time predators such as a fox or dog.

Simon. Admitted with head injuries and brain damage following a RTA. He had also lost both his eyes. Simon received weeks of care and treatment as he was badly traumatised. He has now been found a secure garden where he can safely live out the rest of his life and at the same time his progress is being monitored.


Dizzy. Found starving in freezing temperatures and struggling to stay alive. He had all but given up and was nothing more than skin and bone when we rescued him. He needed many weeks of care before he could be released back into the wild.

Henry. Spotted by a lady as he ran past her window whilst she was watching daytime TV. He was very thin and underweight and suffering from a gut infection which required treatment with antibiotics. We have had many hedgehogs called Henry and this one turned out to be Henry the Eighth!

Tom. Found on a building site in the middle of the afternoon by some workers. He was missing most of his fur and then went on to lose most of his spines as well. This was caused by mites. He received many weeks of treatment which he tolerated very well, and was released back into the wild with a full coat of prickles.

Wendy – an Algerian apricot-coloured Pygmy Hedgehog. Rescued from unsuitable living conditions and was voluntarily handed over by her owner who didn’t really know how to care for her. This was new territory for us as these hedgehogs have completely different needs. She has now been re-homed.

Tiny Tim. An orphan barely one hour old, rescued after a dog had destroyed the nest he was in with his Mum and other siblings. The Mum took her babies to another nest site but for some reason she left Tim behind. We successfully hand-reared him and he was eventually released back into the wild.


Three babies. All three were rescued from a building site on an industrial estate. It is thought that something must have happened to their Mum for them to be wandering around in the daytime. They were approximately three weeks old and a bit special as one was a rare albino.