Ways to help us:

Many casualties we receive often require weeks of treatment which can be very costly and extremely time consuming.   The costs of medical care, veterinary bills and food are always a major item for us.  We are rescuing, treating and returning to the wild countless hedgehogs that would die without help, and we do all this with no financial help from anywhere.

By supporting our work you will be making a direct contribution to the survival of our local wildlife.  We are always very grateful to receive a donation no matter how small and every little really does help.

To make a donation by Paypal please click on the donate button below.

What it costs to help them:

It costs over £75 for an X-ray and life-saving surgery for just one hedgehog.

It costs over £8 for just one tin of special milk to hand rear orphans.

It costs a minimum of £65 to treat this hedgehog and return him to his former handsome self.

It costs a minimum of £65 to treat this hedgehog and return him to his former handsome self.

Items that will help us in general:

Meat based cat food, kitchen rolls, fleece material to make blankets, dishwasher tablets, cotton wool pads, newspapers, Rescue Remedy, strong black refuse bags, disposable gloves, small towels, cleaning cloths, Milton, Baby Oil, antibacterial wipes, bleach, sterilising tablets, fleece bobble hats (they make sleeping bags for babies).

Stationery items:

Envelopes (any size), A4 photocopy paper, 2nd class / 2nd class large stamps, sellotape, parcel tape, jiffy bags(new or used), inkjet photo paper, A4 laminating sheets and small / medium size packing boxes.

‘Prickly Personalities’ – Tales from a Hedgehog Hospital

Since 1993, Lancashire Hedgehog Care has cared for thousands of sick and injured hedgehogs that needed help, and each one has its own story to tell.  Some can be hilarious – some can break your heart. 

‘Prickly Personalities’ is our first 32 page book of humorous poems that tell of some of the more light-hearted and memorable hedgehogs that have passed through our doors.

The poems have been written by the talented Sandra Duckworth and brilliantly illustrated by Richard Deverell.  All proceeds from the sale of this book will help provide care and treatment for future sick or injured hedgehogs that need our help.

Price £3.50p inc UK postage.  Can be purchased easily using Paypal to info.hedgehogcare@gmail.com or please send a cheque made payable to Lancs Hedgehog Care to the address opposite.